10 Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

10 Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

In process of organisingan successful corporate event entertaining your attendees is an  important step to make that event interesting . Audience remember emotionally-charged events better than normal boring ones. Good entertainment helps guests to have fun. It takes the energy of the event up and mood of audience becomes a very positive one. To organise a corporate event and make more out of it, you need to know these 10 corporate event entertainment ideas that can help you change the game.

1) Organize a rapid-fire challenge:
Rapid-fire challenge is a ice-breaking period in corporate event. A fast and furious game that your attendees will enjoy.

2) Live Bands:
If your attendees are passionate about music and as well looking for a relaxation. This game can help to create that same Buzz.

3) Organize Mindfulness meditation sessions:
A world full of stress and high paced lifestyle, meditation sessions to reduce stress and burnout of the audience.It could bea great start of any event with calm brain, a clarity brings in thoughts and most importantly restore as well as refresh attention.

4) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:
Leverage Augmented reality and virtual reality to maximize attendeesexperiences, usingrevolutionary technologies i.e  Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). So, not just jumping over trend and plan to design transformative experiences by including such technologies in event.

5) Outside the box and roomactivity: 
This is a interactive session activity, in which rooms are designed for the teams with the goals of solving riddles and puzzles in a fixed amount of time.

6) Caricatures and sketches:
By hiring a caricaturist for the event can be turned into a good experience. Possibility of many attendees to hold on and with other people.

7) Puppy Play Pen:
If you are in search of innovative idea,puppy playpens are catching on as a great solution. A kind of animals recuse as well as audience participation.

8) Celebrity Impersonators:
Impersonators are a fun element, and it can be easily added to any type of corporate event. This idea can be a good combination when paired with the theme or event location and a massive dinner.

9) Live Band Karaoke:
All are well known with Karaoke, but with Live band? Yes, it allows your attendees to have a “Rock star” experience.

10)    Booth:
Photo Booths can be an endless source of entertainment and turns into a great way to remember your event.