Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas


With the holidays around the corner, one thing on every company’s to-do list is organising a Christmas party. Since it is the end of the year, a Christmas is an opportunity for employees to let go and relax a bit. While the food and drinks are a must, it is the entertainment activities that make your party memorable. Here are some corporate Christmas party event ideas and tips to help you throw a wonderful party:

1)TREE DECORATING COMPETITION: Decorated trees are what makes Christmas feel like Christmas. Why not organise a tree decorating competition then? It is a team-building activity that keeps everyone engaged and entertained. 

  • Get mini Christmas trees.
  • Split everyone into groups.
  • Ask them to be creative and decorate the group tree with the materials provided.
  • Give the winner group some gift bags and display their tree in the middle of the venue. You can also post it on social media to give everyone a glimpse of your company.

2) DO NOT ORGANISE THE EVENT ON CHRISTMAS: This is a point most companies fail in. Christmas is a time when everyone wants to spend time with their families. If you organise the party on Christmas, either you will have fewer attendees or you will have attendees with gloomy faces. Organise the event a day or a few before Christmas so that it is an enjoyable experience for everybody.

3) CHRISTMAS THEMED AWARDS: Christmas-themed awards are something unique and are really entertaining to the audience. The award categories have to be Christmas-themed. For example, “Most likely to kill someone for taking their hot chocolate”, ”Happiest during Christmas.” The winners can be awarded sashes or mementos.

4) SECRET SANTA: Secret Santa is an anonymous gifting idea. The employees randomly draw names and have to get a Christmas gift for the person whose name they picked. Later, everyone has to guess who their Secret Santa was. This is a brilliant idea because the gift giving tradition is incorporated into the party but everyone has to get just one gift so it does not take  a toll on their pockets.

5) GET CHRISTMAS CHOIRS: What is Christmas without some holiday jingles? Hire Christmas choirs to spread some merriness in the party. You can also arrange a karaoke for the attendees to sing carols.

6) PHOTO BOOTH: Hire someone to dress up as Santa and set up a photo booth in the party. The attendees can pose together with Santa or alone. Post all these pictures on social media to make a positive impression on people who may be looking to apply to your company.

7) HOLIDAY TRUTHS: Holiday truths is a game where you ask people questions based on the holiday. For example,

  • What is the best Christmas present you have ever received?
  • What is your favorite holiday food?
  • What is your ideal Christmas like?

It is like Truth and Dare minus the dare part. It is an icebreaking activity that makes the party interactive.

8) SNOWMAN MAKING COMPETITION: If your party is in an area where it snows, a snowmaking competition can prove to be a wonderful activity. The winner of the competition would be the group with the funniest snowman. This gives everyone a chance to get creative and keeps them engaged.