The holiday season here and so is the excitement of a holiday office party. With that comes the responsibility of organising a memorable office party. While coming to a party seems fun, organising one can be a complicated task. Organising one with the pandemic? Even more so. Here are some covid friendly ideas and tips to help you organise an office party:

1) CHOOSE YOUR VENUE WISELY: The pandemic does not mean you have to go in hibernation like a bear. You just have to act wisely and keep yourself safe. You just need to take the required precautions. How to pick your venue?
• Make sure that your venue is big enough to accommodate your attendees without being congested.
• Make sure that there are proper sterilization facilities available so as to ensure everyone’s safety.
• Make sure that your venue is well ventilated.

• Sitcom based parties are a memorable experience too. Rather than picking a sitcom based on majority, let everyone dress up as a character from your favorite sitcom.
• A themed party is no fun without decorations. Make sure your venue reflects your theme. Your sanitization stations can be decorated with theme props too.
• If your party is holiday based, the theme can be the holiday.
• The attendees can get creative with their masks too. Organise a “BEST MASK” competition to motivate them to work towards it. This will ensure that everyone brings a mask and wears a mask.

3) SPONTANEOUS AWARD SHOWS: Who does not like fun Award Shows? :
• If you are organising a normal corporate party, your awards can be based on the traits and behavior of your employees. For example, “Most likely to fall down the stairs twice a day”, “ Most likely to eat someone’s lunch.”
• If your party has a theme, you can incorporate that theme into award shows. For example, if the theme of your party is based on the popular sitcom Friends, you can have give the award of “Joey doesn’t share food” to someone who is very particular about their food or “Monica” to someone who is very meticulous and organised.
• Deciding the winners on the spot with the audience makes it a more engaging activity.

4) BOARD GAMES: Board games are an interesting party activity. However, they can be a miss if not organised correctly. How to make it a hit?
• Set up board games stations at the venue with different board games. This will help in enjoying while social distancing.
• Have a wide choice of board games for the attendees to choose from.
• Try to avoid too many rules so as to make sure it is engaging and fun.

5) IMPROVE COMEDY SHOW: An improve comedy show is a wonderful idea which is always a hit because the set is based on the choice of the audience. The set can be something related to your theme if it is a themed party you are planning.

• If your party is holiday based, choose a holiday based movie. For example, if you are celebrating Halloween, your choice should be a spooky horror movie.
• If you are throwing a sitcom based party, you can play the most popular sitcom episodes.
• This will be an entertaining activity where you can practice social distancing too.

7) VOLUNTEER TO MAKE SOMEONE’S HOLIDAY BETTER: Holidays are a season of happiness and happiness doubles when shared. You can volunteer at an old age home or an orphanage from distance.
• Buy study supplies and toys for children and have the attendees wrap them up as Christmas gifts for children.
• You can get blankets and warm clothes for old people.
• What both the little children and lovely old people would want more than anything is a family to be with. Be their family for the holidays. Schedule a video call. Have everyone join from their phones while sitting in the office, wish them happy holidays and talk to them. You are safe from covid this way and you also get to do such a wonderful thing with your peers.