Did you know only in November 2021 lakhs of couples took the nuptial vows? Once you decide to get married there begins the main task. The planning for THE BIG DAY. In this time of the big fat wedding, the significant decision is to decide on various creative event planning ideas. As you’re researching for wedding ideas, you might be wondering whether choosing a will help bring your costs down  and fun definitely double and it’s a good thought! 

We'll be right here, ready to compliment your creativity once you do.Creative ideas are like :

Set the royal Scene :

If you're creating a unique idea for your ceremony, make it count. We're in favour of décor that does double duty—and the focal point of the day is no exception. Beyond repurposing florals and structures throughout the night, remember to get creative with the "extras" as well. 

Involve Guests in the Ceremony

Make your guests feel part of the day by involving them in the ceremony. You can take many approaches to this idea and make it your own, but we have a few thoughts to get you started. First, you can make like this team bride and team groom, who asked guests toread their intentions or goals for the couple aloud before the vow exchange.  

Set a DJ Request Box:

There can be a box filled with guests' requests of their favourite songs and to be played one by one .this makes everyone hooked to the function with excitement and merry. 

Play any game to make everyone chill:

Wedding games add to the celebratory spirit of any function. Various games like shoe games, ring toss, kite flying can add charm, fun, and a smile to everyone's face.

Get your pet involved:

For many people, their dog is their best friend, and who better to escort you down the aisle than the one you walk through life with. Assigning your dog as an escort to an important person in your ceremony can be a great way to include them. This can even be for the bride or the groom!