how to manage an event during Omicron

how to manage an event during Omicron

As we all know that COVID 19 cases are increasing all over the country and so it has led to huge disruption in the events being planned. Also, the Omicron vibrant is quite dangerous which has led many organizers to cancel or scale down their events. It is becoming a huge cause of worry in the people of the country as it was just starting to the beginning of the offline events. But there are ways that can help manage your event during this vibrant spreading.


Make it an online event

As we all have experienced everything online for the past one and half years, it is now not a big deal for people to participate in online events. And also, everyone loves to participate in the event virtually from the comfort of their home. It is obviously not the same experience as the offline event. Choose a platform that will be accessible easily to all your attendees.

Make interactive polls

Try to make your virtual event as interactive as possible. So that people attending the event won’t get bored or lose interest during the event. So, keep the people engaged during the event by asking interactive questions in the polls.

Make use of social media

When you are planning for an event virtually, you should also promote it on social media to your target audience. So that they get to know that such an event is happening and it will also help you reach more people through social media. And nowadays people have been more active on social media than in real life.

Give latest updates in the event

Make sure that you tell your audience to be safe during this virus spread. Give then the latest guidelines that are provided by the state government. As health comes first and we should make sure that our friends and family are also safe and are following the rules properly. When you give them some extra information they will be getting knowledge about it and will be more eager to participate in your future events as well.