A music concert may seem organic but there are months of planning, organising, and executing that make a concert seem so effortless. While it is an amazing experience to plan a music concert, it can be overwhelming too. Below are some simple steps to help you plan a memorable and exhilarating music concert:

1)    FIGURE OUT YOUR BUDGET: Your budget is the deciding factor behind any event you plan, however small it may be. Getting an estimate of your budget helps you determine how much you are willing to spend on a particular expense.

2)    GET IN TOUCH WITH THE ARTISTS YOU WANT TO HAVE: The next step is to get in touch with artists you want to have on the event. Talk about how much their charges are and pick the artist most suitable according to your budget and goals.

3)    LOOK FOR VENUES: Looking for venues after you know the artist(s) you are going to have at the event helps you pick out a venue that goes with your artist. Is your artist very popular? Will your venue have enough space to accommodate the attendees?  Answer such questions during venue picking and you will have the perfect venue for your concert.

4)     PICK A DATE: Picking a date for the concert can be a bit tricky but take care of the following and it will be a breeze.
●    Do not pick a working day. Pick a day most of your targeted audience can attend the concert.
●    Organise it during the night.  A concert loses a lot of its excitement and thrill if launched during the day.
●    Make sure your event does not clash with any other popular event.

5)    APPLY FOR PERMITS: Now that you have the date and venue finalized with yourself, apply for the necessary permits. Is the concert-going to go on till late at night? Look up the restrictions on playing music in the locality at night. Are you going to serve alcoholic beverages? Apply for a permit.

6)    GET THE NECESSARY EQUIPMENTS: Arrange the lighting and sound system. A sound system is very important for offering an exhilarating experience  to your audience.

7)    HIRE A CAPABLE TEAM: Hire experienced sound engineers and tech teams. Are you planning to livestream your concert too? You will need a skilled media production company too. 

8)    PROMOTE YOUR EVENT: Promote your event both online and offline. How to do this?
●    Put up banners and posters.
●    Post on social media.
●    Give free tickets to influencers and do paid promotions.

9)    INSTALL SAFETY MEASURES: A concert means a huge crowd. With a huge crowd comes huge responsibility too. Install proper safety measures. Have a medic team on the go. Come up with an emergency signal with the artist for when the crowd starts rushing up the stage.