how to organize family party planning during Omicron

how to organize family party planning during Omicron

During this time of Covid’s vibrant being spreading all over the world, it is difficult to organize a family party. It is challenging during this time to make a party exciting and fun. But if you still want to spend time with your family and have a family party, you can organize a party by keeping in mind all the safety protocols. And also make sure you tell all your guests to follow the guidelines given by the government. Here are a few ways of how to organize family party planning during Omicron.

Make sure you take care of the following mentioned things first:

  • Tell your guests to keep a distance of at least 1metre from others.
  • Wear a mask (can remove it while eating or drinking).
  • Keep the venue of the party more ventilated so that there is less crowded space.
  • Give sanitizer to your guests as soon as they enter the venue.

By following these things, you are going to protect yourself and all your other family members. And you can also feel the presence of your family than from the virtual party.

Choose outdoor venue

If there are more people in your family, then have a party in an outdoor place than an indoor gathering. If there are few family members then you can arrange the party in an indoor place as well. Keep the place well ventilated.

Serve healthy food

Due to this new variant spreading in our country very fast. We should keep healthy food which is safe and your guests will also like it. As everyone needs to make their health a priority during these tough times.

Play games and listen to music

Due to all the seriousness of the virus, don’t make your party boring. Play social distancing games or have a karaoke competition or play dumb charades or have a dance competition. Keep your family interacted and let them have fun at the party.

Encourage them about Omicron

During the party make sure you tell them the dos and don’ts of this variant. Tell them how to take preventive steps against this virus in their daily life.