Ideas for company Christmas party during COVID

Ideas for company Christmas party during COVID

Many people think that they won’t be able to celebrate this Christmas due to the new variant of COVID. But that’s not the fact. You can still enjoy this Christmas by throwing a COVID safe party for your team. There are also ways to celebrate Christmas virtually. It does not feel the same as the physical party but it’s better to have a virtual safe party than not to have any party. As this variant is serious and everyone should be safe and to it’s better to arrange the Christmas party remotely. Here are a few of the ideas for the company Christmas party during COVID.

Send online invitations

You can send Christmas party invitations online through and social media apps. You can mention the details like how many people you have invited to the party or the COVID rules and regulations that will be followed at the party, etc. As they should also know it beforehand so that there will be no surprise.


Choosing a venue

And now for the venue, if you choose an indoor gathering then it will lead to more risk. So, it’s better and safe to have the party in the outdoor place if available. You can decorate the backyard of your house and make it a party atmosphere. A bonfire is also an attractive party vibe. Make sure you have the blankets so that people do not feel cold and the atmosphere is warm.


Serve warm drinks and snacks

You can have hot cocoa or fresh baked goods or some warm soap so that your team stays warm in this cold weather. Make sure they feel homely and not like the office atmosphere.


Toast for the team

As your team has been working very hard every day for your company, you should also make a toast for them and appreciate them for their efforts and hard work. Tell them that you are proud of them and want them to work much more efficiently for the coming year.


 Steam a holiday movie

You can have a movie night for your team. Choose a holiday movie which is liked by everyone and so that everyone enjoys the party.