The international conferences should be fresh and unforeseen. The idea is that you should increase the interest of your attendees and so that they get a good reason to attend the event whenever it's organized. But due to the pandemic, there have been no flights so, all the international conferences are held virtually. So, try to make it as engaging and fun as possible.

Here we have very interesting and engaging ideas that will help you to make your international conference event successful.


Multimedia program

One of the advantages of the virtual conference is that you will save a lot of time, tress, and ink that will be saved from printing the flyers and posters. You can now use various multimedia to make your international conference event a hit. There are many such apps and web pages which will help you make an interactive conference and a wonderful experience for the attendees. Things you can include:

  • Polls and surveys
  • Videos, such as a keynote speaker’s past performances, etc.
  • Social platform links
  • Podcast
  • Chat room
  • Live updates & news


Social media 

Nowadays, social media has been a very crutial tool for digital marketing. So, make sure you run campaigns and post on a timely basis to reach an audience you need in your international conference event. When you organize the event virtually, social media is the best practice to follow.


Worldwide speaker selection

During the international conference, make sure you invite speakers from all over the globe. As, it will make an impact on the attendees as they will be more eager to attend the event. As it’s a virtual event the speakers won’t have any issues attending. But if it was a physical event then there would be an extensive budget due to the cost of airfare, hostels, etc. And that cost will be saved in a virtual event.


Provide entertainment

Make the international conference event less boring by providing some entertainment too. You can plan activities such that there is active participation from the audience and keep them engaged. By following a few of the important ideas you can make your international conference event a hit.