Covid-19 outbreak has affected everyone’s life in some way or the other. And so, it has led to remote work all over the world. Even the sales meeting is held remotely on the zoom call. It has been challenging for the ales people as it’s hard to make a sale remotely than in-person sale. So, if the selling is done correctly, it can help you boost the company’s sales. It can also increase the productivity of the sales team if it’s used properly. Here are some of the sales meeting ideas during covid-19 outbreak which will help motivate your team to work effectively.

Sales should be your priority

As during the covid-19, it was a tight market everywhere you should focus on the sales function to win the business and to get into the market again. And so, it does not matter ‘what you are selling’, it matters that ‘how you are selling’. Make sure you have all the answers that your clients will ask you. Keep the customer satisfaction above everything and satisfy their needs. It will all help you to increase revenue and the profit margin.

Meet new customer needs

Let your team know during the sales meeting that to put their customers needs first. As covid-19 has made many lifestyle changes in everyone’s life, make sure you satisfy them and serve then the thing they want. Observe and analyze the feedback you get from the customers. It will thus help you to make effective strategic growth decisions.

Improve the sales experience

During the pandemic, many companies would interact through videoconferences. And so, you should think about long term and make efficient use of the platforms you have. It is the most important idea for the sales meeting that they should create a sales experience which impactful for the customers and they get to know about the opportunities and challenges cause by the covid-19.

Leverage the physical environment while social distancing

As we have found ways to connect digitally, the sales will increase during the covid-19 by making use of the resources to the fullest. Even though you don’t meet your client physically, make sure you send them some physical samples, models or prototypes which will help you stay connected in the physical world too. Making some nice gestures also helps to make the interaction lively.