Trade Show Booth Ideas To Attract Visitors

Trade Show Booth Ideas To  Attract Visitors

A trade show is a type of corporate event where people from the same industry or sector come together to discuss the latest products and services offered by them. The success of a trade show is determined by the number of attendees. In a venue with a plethora of booths, how can you stand out? Here are some trade show booth ideas to attract visitors:

1) Pre-Event Promotion: Get everyone excited before the main event. How can you create curiosity?
●    Post ‘Coming Soon’ photos of some props you have prepared for the event.
●    Start a #GuessWhatWeHavePlanned campaign on social media. Have some prizes for the winners to boost engagement.
●    If you are ticketing the event, send some free tickets to influencers so as to reach more people through them.

2) Invite the attendees In Creating a booth set up that enables you to invite the attendees in creates a warm and positive first impression. For example, if your setup involves a table between you and the visitors, there is a type of formal barrier. A trade show is a wonderful platform that gives you an opportunity to interact with potential clients informally and personally. To make the best use of this opportunity, make your booth more personal and less formal.

3) Provide basics: Now you have tried your best to make your booth aesthetic and appealing but still there are some attendees who do not want to come in. How can you influence them?
●    Have a food and beverages station.
●    Install charging stations around the booth.
●    Have a seating system. People are bound to look for some comfort after being exhausted. If you do not have the space to put chairs, use padded mats.

4) MAKE YOUR BOOTH UNIQUE: Your trade show booth is competing with the booths of a lot of other companies from the same industry. In order to emerge at the top of the competition, your booth should be unique. How to make your booth unique?

●    Try setting up your booth at the main entry gate so that it is the first thing the attendees see.
●    If you fail to find a space for your booth near the entry, set up extra tall booths so as to gain attention.

5) KEEP MULTIPLE ENTRY POINTS: Set up a circular booth and keep multiple entry points to motivate the attendees to explore your booth. Make all entry points aesthetic and appealing so as to boost interaction and engagement.

6) SET UP A PHOTO STATION IN YOUR BOOTH: Set up a photo station that prints out Polaroid frames. Ask the attendees to pose with brand and company props. Polaroid frames offer a motivation for the attendees because they get to carry those home. Post some of these pictures on your social media to show how entertaining and engaging your event was.